Big Shield Rib, Boxelder

Big Shield Rib, Boxelder

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This is it, the only one that I have. If you like it you better buy it because I dont have any more wood like this. Boxelder is a creamy white wood under normal conditions but if the tree becomes damaged blood red streaks will run through the wood in the injured area. I am offering a series of large ribs that are made of beautiful woods that will inspire your creative soul.

You will receive this rib. It is about 9-1/2" by 2-1/2" and is about 3/8" thick. An ideal rib for very large bowls or platters, or just hang it on the wall and admire it's beauty.

I start with an idea and a beautiful piece of wood. After I cut out the design on my band saw I carefully refine the rib on my belt sander. Here is where I bring the rib to life with a finally detailed curve, and what is important to me is that there are no flat spots. I work on the shape of the rib until I am satisfied with the sweep of the curves. Lastly I hand rub the rib with a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax to bring out the inner beauty of the wood and to give it some protection.

In the finishing process I have hand rubbed this rib with a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil. The care and maintenance of your tools is important to their giving you complete satisfaction. They should not be left in your water pail or in the slurry bucket. At the end of a day of use your tools should be wiped down and set out to dry so you can continue to enjoy their beauty.