Santa Stickers!!


I want to give people a reason to smile.  So I had these TEB Santa Stickers and gift tags made up for all my holiday orders this year (while supplies last).  




My shoulder's healing pretty well and I'm doing what the physical therapist tells me to do.  I've recently done a woodfiring where my primary job was to keep the actual stokers awake during their nighttime shifts.  I also managed to glaze and gas fire some new rabbit mugs and other items to add to my store for the holidays.  I can't wait until spring, when it may be possible to start throwing again.  

So what if everything is currently harder to do and slower to do?  I'm making progress and I'm making pots.  I'm happy and have a load of Christmas cheer to share with the world.  

Thanks, everyone, for your support.  We are sending our best.  From our home to yours.


About the authors:

Troy Bungart lives in Three Rivers, Michigan where he makes and sells pottery, finely crafted wooden pottery tools and handmade paintbrushes.  He is interested in design and marketing trends and in encouraging new artists.  

The white beard is real.



Troy’s wife Valerie Bungart helps Troy with ideas, writing, web design, video and photography.  She often ghost writes his blogs and articles for him. 

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