Musings from the "Time Out" Corner

So this is an open letter to my pottery friends. No extra photos. Just an update.

Some of you can relate with that sinking feeling when you know you've injured yourself more than a couple ice packs and a dose of ibuprofen will fix. I haven't admitted that to myself very often, but this time I had to.

So I have my shoulder in a sling and time on my hands while I heal. Doctor's orders.

Here I am in my "Time Out" corner.  Where I have to sleep.

I still have pots in the damp cabinet, bisque waiting to be glazed and some hand building and critter construction I can do. And inventory. Inventory is very good in this situation.  

I've gotten things ready for the Michiana Pottery Tour and a few online sales through the end of the year. (Take a look, by the way.)

I've also got a good prognosis. I'll heal and be back to the pottery wheel. I'll also be back at the Gallery once the pandemic has eased.

On the other hand (you know, the hand that's in the sling) everything takes so much more time and effort than it did before and I have to rest often. Which, ironically, makes me rest-less.

So I've spent more time than usual sitting and planning ahead.

It's always been my intention to build a wood kiln of my own. It's pretty funny that for someone who's as well known for wood fired pottery as I am that I don't have a wood kiln of my own! Part of the reason is that wood firing has to be a team sport. One person can't do it alone. It takes teams of people in shifts over several days to fill and fire the type of kiln I'm talking about.

I appreciate all the individuals and institutions over the years who have invited me as an instructor or guest participant at wood firings. Traveling to kilns has given me a broad education and a wealth of experience about the art and tech of woodfire and various kiln designs (and flaws+fixes). It's been my pleasure to work alongside a long list of great people for hours and days at a time.

It's time for my own kiln.  I'm resolved to build as soon as I can so I can return the favor and invite people to fire with me!

I'm toying with the idea of taking "Buy Me a Brick" donations. Hmmm.

I'm also working on a program to teach paintbrush making remotely to individuals or small groups.

I've had someone suggest that I could do some mentorship, consulting, critiquing or general encouragement by subscription or on a pay per basis. I kinda stick at charging for what I have always loved to give away, but a person's gotta make a living, too. I'm wondering what others think.  

So many ideas. It's hard to kick them around when I'm used to talking things through with a variety of people with a wide range of experience. I really missed NCECA this spring. Really, I just plain miss hanging around with people.

My wife suggests that I schedule zoom parties just to talk and hang out. Anyone in?  

I need feedback from my tribe. If you've got a thought to share, a nudge to keep me going, any advice or ideas, could you please leave a comment below (it will show up when "approved" as I moderate to keep out spammers) or use the Contact form here on my website to get in touch? Thanks.

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